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Artisan Ink Brow Studio specializes in microblading, a cosmetic technique for eyebrow enhancement that is classified as semi-permanent. This procedure is designed to improve the look of thin, sparse, and uneven brows that lack definition and density. The shape and size of the brows are tailored to complement each individual's facial structure, and the method is renowned for its ability to achieve soft, natural looking results.


Initial Microblading Service
consists of 2 sessions|$350 total

*for all new clients*

Session #1
(Inital Treatment)

 approx 2-3 hrs (includes consult) | $300

Session #2
(Touch Up) 

approx 2-3hrs | $50

Additional Touch Up
(by request for existing clients only)

Time TBD | $100

Annual Touch Up/Colour Boost
(existing clients only, 12-24 months after initial session)

2-3hrs | $200

*Prices listed include GST

*Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice

"Annual" touch ups booked over 24 months from your initial session date is considered a new service and is charged accordingly

Meet Lily

   My journey towards becoming a microblading artist began with my own desire for better brows. The sparsity and lightness of my natural brow hair made me feel like this facial feature was practically missing. After experiencing the transformative results of this cosmetic service firsthand, I began to imagine how gratifying it would be to provide this service to others.

   Given my artistic nature and a growing fascination with this remarkable beauty procedure, I embarked on a new path to become a brow artist. I underwent training and obtained certification from the globally acclaimed PHI Academy, becoming a PhiBrows Microblading Artist. Before embarking on this journey, I had spent over a decade working in the dental field. My healthcare background has proven immensely valuable, not only in following stringent asepsis protocols but also in drawing from the experience of helping individuals feel emotionally and physically at ease in unfamiliar treatment environments. My foremost objective is consistently achieving optimal results while ensuring your utmost comfort throughout the process!




Hi, I'm Jess


About Microblading


Microblading involves utilizing small, sterile needles to deposit pigment into the skin through precise, fine stroke lines that emulate individual hair strands. This approach is employed to create the illusion of added hair in regions with inadequate density or form.

This service is ideal for individuals aged 18 years or older who have sparse, uneven, or thinning brows, as it aids in improving shape and definition. Additionally, it serves as a great option for individuals who have encountered hair loss due to chemotherapy or conditions like alopecia.

What Is Microblading?

Who Is this Service for?

How Long do the Results Last?

Typically, the microblading pigment tends to remain visible for approximately 12 to 24 months. However, this duration varies depending on an individual's skin type and skincare routines. Factors such as having oily skin, frequent exposure to UV rays, the use of exfoliants, and undergoing facial peels can accelerate the fading of the pigment. To maintain the vibrancy of your brows, Touch Up Sessions are recommended within a 12 to 24-month timeframe, refreshing the color and ensuring a fresh appearance.

What is the Healing Process like?

After the procedure, the skin might experience slight tenderness for 2 to 3 days, which is generally quite mild for most individuals. The initial healing phase lasts around 2 weeks, during which a layer of scab will form and eventually slough off. Throughout this two-week span, the process of scab shedding can result in the brows appearing somewhat uneven in color. It's crucial not to pick at the scabs or apply any makeup over the brows until all the scabs have naturally shed. If you have any upcoming vacations or special occasions, it's advisable to schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks in advance.

**Please be sure to carefully review the provided After Care information prior to your appointment.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Two varieties of topical anesthetic are used: one is administered before the treatment, and the other is applied during the process. This combination proves highly effective in reducing any discomfort. Pain thresholds vary from person to person, so every effort is made to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible.

Note: If you are undergoing this procedure during your menstrual cycle, you might experience heightened sensitivity during treatment

Is it okay to have Microblading done if I'm Pregnant or Nursing?

   As a precaution, pregnant or nursing women should not have any cosmetic tattooing procedures done.

How Should I prepare for my Appointment?

If you typically use makeup to fill in your eyebrows, kindly do so on the day of your appointment. This will help me in understanding the alterations you wish to achieve. Refrain from alcohol consumption within 24 hours prior to your appointment, and also consider limiting your intake of caffeine on the morning of the appointment. Steer clear of UV exposure, including sun exposure and tanning beds, for a minimum of 2 weeks leading up to your appointment. Allow a minimum of 3 weeks between receiving any botox and/or filler injections in the upper face and undergoing microblading. Before your appointment, carefully review the "Before My Appointment" and "Release Form/Waiver" information forwarded to you. These forms cover crucial instructions and contraindications that may be pertinent to you.

What if I already have had my brows worked on in the past?

Kindly send me clear photos of your eyebrows via email, ensuring they are free from any makeup. Depending on the size and darkness of your brows, it's possible that you might need Tattoo Removal prior to scheduling the Microblading Service.

Why Choose Microblading over other forms of cosmetic tattoo which last longer?

Experiencing the gradual fading of your Microblading results over a span of 1-2 years should not be seen as a drawback. This fading progression offers the advantage of potentially adjusting your brow shape, style, or pigment in the future, with a significantly reduced likelihood of requiring tattoo removal.

Is the Studio Health Approved?

Absolutely! The studio has obtained approval from Fraser Health for its operations. I exclusively utilize sterile tools and supplies that are single use, and the entire workspace is meticulously disinfected both before and after every client appointment.












  • Please give at least 24 hours notice for cancelations/rescheduling. If you are not feeling well before your appointment please let me know as soon as possible

  • "Before Your Appt", "Release Form/Waiver" and "After my Appt" all must be read before your appointment, this is ensure you are infact suitable for Microblading treatment

  • please do not bring children, pets or guests with you to your appointment

  • payment can be done via e-transfer or cash (must be exact cash, no change on premises)

  • Refunds - service is non refundable. Results cannot be guaranteed as they heavily depend on each individuals healing, skin type and ability to follow home care

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